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We develop and invest in software projects, which have expertise in various industries like Fintech, B2B, Consumer, and Industrial Sectors.

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Who we are

A diverse team brought together by a shared thirst for knowledge and a dedication to crafting genuinely exceptional products.

We operate as a completely remote company without a central physical location. Our team is scattered across numerous cities spanning multiple continents, giving everyone the freedom to reside and work from their preferred locations.

Our team spans diverse backgrounds in geography, lifestyle, and interests, yet we share a common purpose: to deliver outstanding work, create innovative and straightforward products, embrace experimentation, prioritize attention to detail, uphold ethical treatment of others, value honesty, foster education, contribute to our community, and maintain a continuous pursuit of learning.

Work with us

A tranquil, minimally disruptive setting that enables you to produce your finest work.

We prioritize providing every employee with the autonomy, resources, trust, and encouragement needed to excel in their careers. This commitment is reflected in the numerous individuals who choose to remain with Senmo for the long term.

We honor everyone's freedom for political expression and activism, yet we steer clear of political discussions within our internal communication channels. Senmo, as a company, refrains from public engagement in politics, except for matters directly pertinent to our business. It's important for you to be comfortable with these stances.

We prioritize a serene work environment and purposeful, focused work. Expect fewer meetings, minimal email traffic, and significantly fewer interruptions compared to your past experiences. We believe that 8-hour days and 40-hour weeks provide ample time to produce excellent results, and that's all we anticipate from our team.

Transitioning from an ASAP culture might initially feel unfamiliar, but over time, you'll find yourself questioning how you managed work any differently before.

What do we use

Technologies and tools we are using daily.

AWS API Gateway
AWS Lambda

What we are working

Our Projects and Platforms.

↳ Skalepay
Skalepay offers a versatile, comprehensive payment platform tailored for online businesses and payment institutions. We seamlessly integrate diverse alternative payment providers and acquirers worldwide, providing a unified interface for streamlined communication, control, and management.
↳ Segment
A dynamic platform offering a singular API for swift balance transfers. It serves as an infinitely scalable hub of authenticity for all transactional records and account balances within your system. Empower your operations by generating wallets and efficiently managing user balances with ease.
↳ Hyperhash
Unlock the full potential of Web3 Projects effortlessly with the unparalleled infrastructure of Hyperhash. Seamlessly oversee every facet of your project, from streamlined wallet management to meticulous transactional processes, all while harnessing comprehensive monitoring capabilities that ensure a robust and secure ecosystem.
↳ Foundry
Foundry software emerges as a cutting-edge solution in the realm of voucher management, offering a seamless and centralized platform that caters to the global distribution needs of businesses and organizations. Its user-centric design and global connectivity make it an indispensable tool for efficiently managing and distributing vouchers across diverse locations.

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We developing and investing in software projects, which have expertise in various industries like Fintech, B2B, Consumer and Industrial Sectors.


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