Financial Services​

Offer financial services with our straightforward APIs, you can integrate our fully financial services directly into your product.

Individual Banking API


Build a bespoke individual banking with custom branded cards and offer to your users a rapidly financial services.


Business Banking API


Build a bespoke business banking with custom branded cards and offer to your customers a rapidly financial services.


Crypto APIs


Effortlessly develop apps on any supported blockchain with no previous blockchain experience. Our unified API support 40+ blockchains.


Ledger APIs


Ledger system of record for managing balances. It lets software teams focus on shipping and scaling their product instead of building and maintaining ledger infrastructure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer also a whitelabel solution except the APIs?

Yes, In case you are looking also for ready made front-end solution we have our own front-end which can be used and get to market earlier.

What is the pricing for any api service?

Get in contact with us and our relationship manager will provide you with all the fees and options. 

Is it necessary to have a branded Debit Cards? 

No, you can purchase only iBans. Let us know what is your plans and we can provide customise solutions.

Do you manage any crypto private keys?
No, you are responsible to manage your private keys if you have a license otherwise your users should manage they are private keys.
What exactly is virtual accounts?

Virtual accounts are a parallel layer to supported blockchains in Senmo and enable many useful features otherwise unavailable at the blockchain level.

How many assets and what assets can i have on Ledfer APIs?

You can add and have any currency that you like. Our ledger is customizable and you can use it as you like. If you want to name a currency “Points” it is available.

Did i need to hire developers to work with your ledger API?

No, we are providing our Ledger explorer which is easy to use without writing any coding. However if you need this data to be available also to your users then yes you will need developers.

Do you have test enviroments?

Yes, all of our products have test environments and can be used for testing and integration.

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