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Frequently Asked Questions

What is merchant account and how do i get set up with one?

A merchant account is a type of business bank account that allows a business to accept electronic payments. These payments can be processed through Credit Cards (i.e. Visa or Mastercard), Debit Cards, Gift Cards, or checking accounts (i.e. ACH, echeck, etc.).

To get one of these accounts you have to enter into an agreement with an acquiring bank that has a processing relationship with Visa and Mastercard (and other digital payment companies). One of the easiest ways to create this relationship and kickstart your payment processing journey is to use an authorized agent of an acquiring bank (LIKE US). These types of service providers are called ISOs.Getting a merchant account can seem like a complicated process because it often includes submitting your business license, physically verifying your business location, and providing your credit score. We make it easy! 

How long will it takes to approve my application?

Once we have collected all of the needed information, the approval process typically takes 4-6 business days. Accounts can occasionally be approved in less than 24 hours and sometimes take as long as 2-4 weeks. Our team always works to get your account approved as quickly as possible!

What documents will i need to open a merchant account?

ormally we require the following documents. Occasionally we will need additional information:

A copy of your drivers license or passport to verify identity
A voided business check or bank reference letter to confirm your account for deposits
Proof of business which can be provided by the DBA registration, business license, articles of incorporation or articles of organization (sole proprietors do not require any of the above)
Don’t worry! We walk you through the entire process. We even double check your applications so you have the best possible chance of approval.

How much will Senmo Service costs me?

We work with several banks and processors worldwide, and pricing varies widely by country. Your account fees will also vary based on your own business and transaction model!

Can my startup/brand new business be approved?

The long answer is that banks like to see a long history of transactions, established credit history, and large bank account sums. However, when these items aren’t present, there are many different documents that can be presented to help with the merchant account approval process.